Andrew Tweedie

Where would we be without academia and research?  I’d probably be dead, or at least have no teeth.  So, let’s recognise academics’ value and support them the best we can.

Tweedie Consulting specialises in Human Resources improvement and leadership in higher education, knowledge-intensive and not-for-profit organisations.  We work towards ensuring that clients’ HR operations are a strategic asset: that is, delivering high-quality advisory services with an openness towards continuous improvement.

We understand diverse, international workplaces brimming with ‘knowledge workers’ and our knowledge of trends in legal compliance, data analysis, budgeting, governance, HR systems and our international HR network keeps our work relevant and impactful.

Geiger-P Academic Promotions Software Launched

Tweedie Consulting and General Technology Ltd (producers of VT2000) launched Geiger-P academic promotions software at University HR 2019 Conference in May.  Universities are positive about Geiger-P’s ability to vastly reduce adminstration related to academic promotions in a way sensitive to research-intensive university culture.   We are in a period of demonstrating Geiger-P at UK univeristies.  If you want to book a demonstration or find out how we can improve your academic promotions policy and process contact Andrew Tweedie. 


Andrew Tweedie’s work on Geiger Talent builds on his experience of academic workforce development for national research associations, consortia of universities and individual universities.  His work includes:


Tweedie Consulting is the trading name of Tweedie Henrich Ltd (Company Number 9374584), 1 Cobden Road, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 3UB, United Kingdom.