Geiger Academic HR Software

In 2018 Tweedie Henrich Ltd and General Technology Ltd joined forces to create tailored HR software for research intensive universities. The driver for this was Andrew Tweedie’s experience as an HR leader in universities.

Andrew mourned the fact that university-specific HR processes were still reliant upon wasteful paper and/or lengthy email trails handling. One such example was academic promotions in research-intensive universities, which, before any committee or panel meets, is highly transactional. As a result, Geiger-P was born. It automates all of the transactions (from application to gathering bibliographic data) for any university’s process whilst leaving the specific features of a university process and committee adminstration undisturbed. Andrew has read most research-intensive university promotions policies and he concludes:

Geiger-P will easily save 60% of time on paperwork and emails related to promotions panels and committees whilst leaving university culture in tact.

Geiger-P’s automation offers the prospect of using time for reflection on quality and methods of talent management and further process improvement which should have long-term benefits.

Geiger-P was launched at the University HR Conference in May 2019 and the first implementation is expected in 2020. Watch this space for news!

More information about Geiger-P can be found here.