Short-Term HR Support

I don’t have to tell you that the last few weeks have been a challenge. Those responsible for people management, whether HR departments or business owners, have had to respond to rapid changes in workforce needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, keep regular operational work moving and had to increase strategy work on options for a less-predictable future.

If your Human Resources capacity is bursting at the seams then call me: others have. I’ll keep the show on the road. I’ve provided short-term, project based HR cover/consultancy for:

  • a university supplying staff to the NHS: I redrafted contract templates and job offers to comply with amendments to the Employment Rights Act 1996. This was a tightly defined deliverable (outside of IR35).
  • a bank: I completed a job evaluation framework, pay restructure and appraisal analysis, definition of competencies for hiring a new Head of HR and partnered the board on difficult staff relationships.
  • can’t say who: I investigated a complex, legally poised employee relations case with high financial and reputational risk and brought the case to conclusion.
  • an newly redundant employee who was not a member of union: whilst HR is ’employer side’, I provided the employee with reassurances about her rights and entitlements during a difficult period. Poor employer communication from a small business with no HR support created the problem.

A lot of this work was over Skype or Microsoft Teams or good ol’ email and phone.

If you need short-term Human Resources support call me to discuss your needs or to blow off steam. It won’t hurt and working together will relieve stress.


00 44 (0) 782 333 4436

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